Enjoy the virtual version of the exhibition on this website - the exhibition in Central Market has permanently closed.

The Exhibition

Today humanity uses the equivalent energy and resources of 1.7 earths.

If the whole world adopted a Dutch lifestyle, this would become 3.6 earths, or even 4.4 earths with a Hong Kong lifestyle.*

We only have one earth.

We need to adjust the way we live, work, play and do business so that our lifestyle can be sustained by the one earth we have.

This exhibition brings together inspiring examples from The Netherlands and Hong Kong that show how – right now–designers, architects and entrepreneurs are making this a reality by rethinking how we make and use the built environment, fashion apparel and everyday goods. What stands out in these examples is how the designers focus on what happens to a building, clothing or object once it is no longer of use.

This new reality is called the circular economy, an economy that produces zero waste and zero carbon, which uses renewable materials, reuses non-renewable materials and keeps them in use as long as possible to create a virtuous circle.

*Hong Kong's ecological footprint: www.wwf.org.hk/en/cities/footprint/
*Ecological footprint of the world & the Netherlands: www.overshootday.org