The exhibition opens June 3rd, you can already sign up for masterclasses and workshops via the links below.

The Exhibition

Today humanity uses the equivalent energy and resources of 1.7 earths.

If the whole world adopted a Dutch lifestyle, this would become 3.6 earths, or even 4.4 earths with a Hong Kong lifestyle.*

We only have one earth.

We need to adjust the way we live, work, play and do business so that our lifestyle can be sustained by the one earth we have.

This exhibition brings together inspiring examples from The Netherlands and Hong Kong that show how – right now–designers, architects and entrepreneurs are making this a reality by rethinking how we make and use the built environment, fashion apparel and everyday goods. What stands out in these examples is how the designers focus on what happens to a building, clothing or object once it is no longer of use.

This new reality is called the circular economy, an economy that produces zero waste and zero carbon, which uses renewable materials, reuses non-renewable materials and keeps them in use as long as possible to create a virtuous circle.

*Hong Kong's ecological footprint:
*Ecological footprint of the world & the Netherlands:

Visit the Exhibition at Central Market

Open daily 10am-10pm, June 2-28

Join an Event at Central Market

Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, June 2-28


Woolfiller – Fashion Repair workshop
June 4,11,18,25 (Sun)
Woolfiller turns holes and stains into opportunities. Heleen Klopper invented this beginner-friendly repair method using wool and felting needles: by sticking the felting needle into the wool and the garment the fibres bind together, creating a felt patch on the item. Named one of the best inventions of 2010 by Time Magazine, Woolfiller was created to make garment repair a participatory, creative and sustainable practice. Suggested items to bring for repair: sweaters, coats, thick socks, scarves, anything made at least partly from wool, even teddy bears!
Approximate duration: 2 hr
Max capacity: 15 pax / workshop
Fee: HKD 150/ head; HKD 240/ duo (price includes a Woolfiller repair kit)

Check the events schedule and book your place here


Designing Circularity Masterclass
June 3 (Sat) 2:00-4:30pm
June 4 (Sun) 2:00-4:30pm
Join the exhibition’s Co-curators Simone de Waart, Sjoerd Hoekstra and Hoi Chi Ng on a guided tour exploring the emerging reality of design for the circular economy. The tour will be followed by a group discussion guided by the curators, with participants reflecting on how examples from the exhibition impact their perspectives of a sustainable and circular future.
Approximate duration: 2.5 hr
Max Capacity: 21 pax

Check the events schedule and book your place here


How design can help make a circular built environment
June 9 (Fri) 7:00-8:00pm
In this public panel discussion, panel members will discuss the status of circular design for the built environment in Hong Kong with reference to the experience in The Netherlands: what works, what doesn't (yet) work and what are the practices, services, policy and regulations that can be considered to move us closer to circularity in the future.
Junyuan Chen and Ruoning Ni (Architects- Superuse Studios)
Kuo Jze Yi (Architects - Insitu Project)
MK Leung & Carolina Sanchez Salan (Architects -
Alvin Yip (Chief Catalyst - Chinachem)
Approximate duration: 1 hr
Max Capacity: 30 pax

Check the events schedule and book your place here